Sage Mobile Payments

Get paid faster—anywhere and everywhere.

Accept payments anywhere your customers are using their favorite payment method—from using Apple Pay to processing credit cards with a swiper attached to your mobile device.

Mobile credit card processing

Accept payments on your favorite mobile device (Apple or Android, it doesn't matter) with no limit on monthly credit card transaction volume. Sage will settle to your preferred bank account within 48 hours of each transaction to maximize your cash flow.

  • No additional fees for mobile transactions
  • Better security with end-to-end encryption. Your customers' credit card data remains safe with encryption at all stages of the transaction.
  • Better inventory control. Store commonly used items for easy and quick access to inventory. You can upload pictures, add descriptions for items you sell, and even scan bar codes.
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Sage Mobile Payments
Watch the Girl Scouts sell 10% more cookies with Sage Mobile Payments.
Duration: 5:00

Mobile payment services, like Apple PayTM

Mobile payment services are changing how customers pay for products. Learn more about Apple Pay and how it works.

  • What does mobile payments mean for your business?
  • Should your business support new mobile payment technologies like Apple Pay?
  • How can Sage help you get started?

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Apple, the Apple logo, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Pay is the trademark of Apple Inc.

Sage Payments - Apple Pay
Apple Pay and how it works
Duration: 40:30
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