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Replay: The next two years: your growth and opportunities and the latest political, economic, and technological trends that will dominate your business

Thursday, July 30

Gene Marks

The recession is over. Unemployment is down. You know this. Your employees know this. And over the next two years, as your company grows, the issue won’t be about just keeping your costs under control. It will be about watching what’s going on in Washington, taking advantage of new opportunities, and being smart about your investments. It will be about capitalizing on the latest trends in technology, cash flow, and finding and motivating the very best people. So what do you know to navigate your company through the next two years? During this presentation, Gene will cover some of these topics: a look at how the outcome of the midterm elections will affect your business for the next two years; a current look at the Affordable Care Act--where we are at and how it will affect your business; a review of current tax issues every business owner needs to know and what tax moves you should be making now to profit in the next two years; a look at a few financial metrics and economic metrics that smart business owners are using today to grow their companies; ways you can profit from the coming rise in inflation and interest; new technologies that will impact your business over the next two years; the exploding trend of business owners selling their companies and what you can do to increase the value of your company; the latest best practices, tools, and technologies for finding and managing outsourced people and services . . . and much more!

Nexus: G-WEBCD5