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Louis Araiza (aka Big Louie)

Ideas for how to use Microsoft Access with SQL-specific pass-through queries as a data source for reports. Discusses Sage 100 ERP and getting the most out of Custom Office by utilizing scripts. Address Sage Alerts and Workflow (also known as Knowledgesync). And provides information on understanding error messages . . . what Sage tech support, your partner, and colleagues in Sage City need to know before they can help you.

Brandon Gabert

He provides some ways to manufacture without Master Production Schedule (MPS) or Material Requirements Planning (MRP) using inventory allocations shortages. He has experience with Sage ERP X3 and purchasing in conjunction with Sage Inventory Advisor and MRP and shipping using a keyboard wedge barcode reader to record tracking numbers. He'll give best practices for using Sage Enterprise Intelligence to enhance reporting capabilities. And he has some ideas on getting the most from Financial Data Extractor from Sage ERP X3.

Mary Clark

She's a master at Sage 300 ERP. With Mary, get ideas for filling in the gaps when your ERP system doesn’t do everything you need. Find out what to do when you have too much data and not enough information. Get strategies for planning (and surviving) a migration as well as strategies for setting up IT budgets.

Nancy Duhon

She has a lot of good ideas when it comes to Sage Timeslips and electronic billing in the legal vertical—getting your invoicing to comply with the LEDES “standard”. Nancy provides ideas on taking training and how that relates to your software purchase. She has best practices for transitioning to paperLESS/ low paper workflows for solo and small businesses. And she'll provide insight on lawyers’ trust accounting issues— how to keep you or your customers from losing their bar license by handling the IOLTA account correctly.

Steve Collins

Steve covers Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition, including getting the most out of the financial statement, making the move from QuickBooks and Sage DacEasy to customize. And he covers how to accrue sick time, vacation, or PTO based on actual hours worked.

Django Dunn

When does it make sense to extend your ERP system with customizations, and when should you look further inside the box? He'll provide insight on that as well as "scope creep” and “scope sprint” . . . how to really scope and handle change management. He has ideas on planning ahead for the challenges of working with both remote and in-house developers. And he can go beyond SAP® Crystal Reports . . . what other tools do you use to mine your data.

Clyde Harris

From Toronto, Clyde has ideas for setting up accounts and reconciliation using Sage 50 Accounting—Canadian Edition. He has insight on year-end (fiscal and calendar) best practices. And he can help you get the most out of inventory setup and maintenance. More than that, he has insight on Canadian charities and the CRA—working with the charities directorate.

Randy Jackson

If you're a user of Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition, you don't want to miss him! He'll provide ideas on what can be accomplished in Sage 50 that you didn’t know about. He has tips and ideas on reconciling and making backups and restores. And he'll lead some discussions on cloud and the impact to your business.

Ed Kless

Sage employee, Ed Kless, is known for more than just partner relationships and the voice of various podcasts. He has information about increasing user adoption and dealing with employee resistance. He can help with your organization’s productivity and effectiveness. And he'll brainstorm ways to increase the level of adoption of new systems, processes, and tools in our businesses by changing the way we interact with our teams.

Andy Klinger

He'll help with best practices for the distribution industry, including how you're monitoring customer compliance, leveraging operating lines, and choosing your e-commerce platforms. He'll also get an open discussion going on business issues from technology to scalability for organizations in a distribution or franchise management role.

Art Minds

If you want to know more about the construction industry or Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, you've come to the right place. He'll lead discussions on a myriad things from payroll to data file maintenance.

Kevin Moyes

Sage 100 ERP has met its match. Kevin leads discussions on custom reporting, like how do you mine your ERP data for information beyond the basics? He'll provide ideas and best practices on backup and recovery for protecting your critical ERP data. And he'll give thoughts on how do you approach keeping your system current.

Tom Rogers

When it comes to Sage 100 ERP, he's got you covered. He reviews best practices for bank reconciliation, purchase clearing (including what it is), and how to use the Sage knowledgebase.

Darlene & Dave Smith

Darlene and Dave Smith handle everything there is about reporting for Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition. They'll share best practices, too.

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